Professional PCB Design and Simulation Services
We focus on customer and his goals.
HS Devices aimed at strengthening the business position of customers, our priority is the implementation of the project with maximum quality in strict adherence to deadlines and budget
HS Devices provides PCB design of electronic hardware. Our company is ready to develop a custom-made project, quickly get involved in work at any stage of project development in order to optimize the process and minimize risks.

We are eager to resolve the most complex and challenging issues and provide a guarantee of high-quality work at the highest possible level.
We provide simulation as a separate service, which is in high demand with international companies.
Products for industrial purposes
Devices for general and commercial use
Reputation is our guarantee
A lot of large companies trust us and are working with us already.
Many years of experience
Individual approach
Individual approach to the tasks of the Customer, quality guaranteed
Project support at all stages until completion of testing, providing consulting support
Operational execution of works (from 5 days), reporting on each stage
Ensuring information security and confidentiality
Property rights
Retention of all exclusive intellectual property rights in the interests of the customer
Strict compliance with IPC standards (IPC-2221, IPC-7351), industrial standards, manufacturer's and recommendations of IC vendors

Transparent budgeting
Development is carried out using optimal elementary base in any case type.
We strictly follow technical features and requirements
Circuit Design is carried out strictly in accordance with IPC standards (IPC-2221,IPC-7351), industrial standards, manufacturer's and recommendations of IC vendors
We have extensive experience in the development of electronics based on FPGAs, microcontrollers, microprocessors, as well as devices with high speed interfaces (DDR /LPDDR – 3,4,5, PCIe gen 2,3,4,5, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GBase, etc.)
High-quality design is the key to successful project implementation
Embedded PC
PCB Case Study
Scope of the project
Circuit design and PCB layout, Pl, EMC, pre-production
Key components
ARM Cortex-M3; IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz); non-volatile memory 1 GB; battery with wireless charging
Board size
45 mm x 65 mm
Layer count
4 layers
Total components
PCIe Card
PCB Case Study
Scope of the project
Circuit design and PCB layout, SI/PI, thermal analysis
Key components
FPGA, PCIe connestors Gigabit Ethernet; PCle gen3 - (5 Gpbs); SFP+ (12 Gbps)
Board size
120 mm x 60 mm
Layer count
12 layers
Total components
1 000+
Power integrity
Mathematical modeling at the design stage enables to minimize risks, relating to further malfuction of the device, therefore to cut labour and financial costs and to save time.
Omission of the modeling pushes our engineers to draft the device, factoring in a multitude of possibilities, and to refine the equipment using iterative method without an in-depth evaluation of the impact of a variety of changes.
Currents calculations,factoring in the heat conditions of an electronic module
Evaluation of the power nets impedance and identification of resonance frequencies
Optimization of decoupling capacitor
Minimizing electromagnetic radiation at operating frequencies
The Importance of Simulation
Building a complete data transmission channel
modeling Eye
Signal integrity project with PCle
Signal integrity
Extraction of s-parameters of
individual and differential signal lines (evaluation of direct and reverse losses crosstalk)
Modeling of high-speed interfaces, factoring in inconsistent power supply conditions
Developing an eye-diagram, selecting the best tuning options for the transmitter and the receiver
Thermal Analysis
Thermal conductivity in solid bodies
Gas dynamics (air cooling)
Hydrodynamics (liquid cooling)
Analysis of the thermal condition of an electronic module with consideration of the current loads
Usage of ibis/ibis-ami models
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