of computing devices

Our engineers develop a wide range of computing devices, from portable and compact (PC-104) to computer stations (form-factor Compact,
ATX, etc).

We provide:
- localization of previously developed devices;
- device refinement according to the Customer’s requirements.

We analyze Power Integrity (PI) and Signal Integrity (SI) of high-speed interfaces (DDR, PCIe, SATA, HyperTransport, HDMI, USB, SFP+, etc.). We simulate a cooling system, evaluate the thermal condition of the device at the most probable operating scenarios.
Besides the documentation, the Customer obtains interactive instructions on maintenance and repair.

Automation system development

We have highly qualified industrial automation specialists.

We provide the whole cycle of solutions for automated process control and unified management systems. In our projects, we use time-tested equipment. If the market does not offer a certain device, our experts develop devices for a specific automation project. Our extensive experience provides our Customers with ready-made solutions for a variety of industrial sectors: electric power, oil and gas, chemistry, food, and medicine.

Our services:
- development of architecture for automation systems;
- technical documentation for automation systems;
- selection of control units and equipment for data collection;
- selection of remote field equipment and sensors;
- development of testing equipment;
- software development for automation systems;
- development of imitators and stands for enterprises and educational institutions.

Customized device development

Our company offers a full range of Research and Development (R&D) services and turnkey solutions for various purposes.

The scope of our services includes:
- preparation and coordination of technical specification;
- identification of the device’s structure and its architecture;
- selection of optimal components;
- schematic design;
- cable system development;
- development and programming of electronic modules;
- layout development;
- development of testing equipment;
- enclosure development;
- manufacturing and launching of a prototype;
- issuing a complete documentation package;
- upgrade of an outdated product using a new component base.

Our distinguishing qualities are:
- adherence to the project timeline;
- scheduled status reports;
- maximum coverage of development stages and unified project management;
- preparation of the documentation according to industrial standards;
- knowledge of the specifications of the products used for different purposes in various environments;
- one work group deals with both circuit engineering and mechanical design.

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