- Circuit engineering;
- PCB layout service;
- Exterior design: enclosures, boxes, cases.
Without analysis, engineers must reserve a lot of time to design a device and work on its structure through iterations, with no justification of the effects any change may cause. Most of the time, successful testing depends on the skill level of an assembler that is no longer acceptable for modern reality.

Engineering Solutions provides the services of contract development of electronic devices. Our range of services includes:

- circuit design and topology
- enclosure and box design
- Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) analysis
- circuit analysis
- design and development of radio electronic hardware.

Each item is scrupulously verified via analysis and simulation to reduce time and money spent on debugging and development. We deliver the highest quality within the shortest time. World’s best practices show that analysis helps identify and resolve issues during the development stage, providing the following benefits:

- Lower cost of the product’s lifecycle
- Reliability and performance of the product and the system as a whole
- Decrease of the number of iterations needed for the sample product to meet all the technical requirements
- High probability of passing the actual-use test on the first try

We offer analysis as a separate service to build an engineering team with our clients.

To secure our Customers’ project files we sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Work benefits
Quality Guarantee
(Support is provided up to the production stage)
approach Project cost management
Quick service delivery
starting at 2 days
based on design
and manufacturing experience
Modern software
File security
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